Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Oh. A sci fi. Of course

~~ a cult classic ~~ It is year 3024 ... Three of us remember Who hunki li is ... Hunki li No worries You will be forever remembered By a handful of us Like Two or three or one persons ... But you will be never forgotten Trust us We shall continue your legacy You are in good hands We shall preserve and present Humanology Thank you hunki li ... " thank You, kindest Friends ❤️ "


~~ an interesting inquiry ~~ Hypothetically let's assume that There is an afterlife paradise Let's say Adam passes away At the age of 105. The question is In paradise Will Adam live forever As an 105 year old man? With old looks but still healthy? Or is he allowed to choose his age Even change his age when he wants? ... How about an infant named Bob Who passes away At the age of one year old In paradise Does Bob grow up? Is Bob allowed to stay at A certain age if he wants? Or is Bob forced to grow up against his wish Will Bob eventually get old and wrinkly As he passes 100 years of age In paradise? ... In paradise, Do they have a TV where They can flip channels To watch a live person of their choosing? ... If so Am I a popular person to watch Bu those people in paradise?

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Happy v day u ppl ok ty

~~ you the people ~~ Hey Happy Valentines day ok ... You may be alone today like me Or You may be with someone unlike me ... ... ... If you are with someone I hope you are over 25 age And opposite gender And 99% time same race ok ... You know me You know ... .. .. So Let's assume You are over 25 And you are with A same race opposite gender person Not biologically related A legitimate woman and man On a Valentines day night So What are you gonna do tonight, hmm? ... What am I, hunki li, gonna do tonight? ... I ate microwaved Ramen noodles Alone In Alaska America Tonight, Valentines day night And I was very grateful that I have food and shelter ... You people have luxury right You got an opposite gender mate ... Well Congratulations Ok ... . .. Thinking about it I kinda like being alone ... .. So You the people Who are with someone else ... I don't hate you ... Ok? ... So Happy Valentines day to you two too Ok Ps: I love both singles ans non singles thank you

Monday, February 12, 2024

Yeah, i kinda thought about that too actually

~~ that's... ~~ Hi hunki I've been going through Your historical Archives Very ancient postings From back in the days... ... And I encountered this term 'Hunki$exuality' ??? Could you explain? "..." ... Does it mean like In hunki land All ladies must desire hunki And only him? Like Occult religion? Hmm? "..." ... No worries I'm an adult single lady I find you Naughty ... You are not a hero, hunki li You are not a villain either You hunki li are Just an average joe Who fantasizes about polygamy ... There is nothing special about you And there's nothing wrong with u either You are just a normal single guy Just a mediocre common man That is all you are hunki li That concludes my research ... It was kinda predictable and boring Hunki li is too ... Bland and ... Kinda goody goody Too nice perhaps He got no kicks Or spices .. . I'm sorry hunki li I really am But You are just too... ... You are too... correct and right Too moral ... "Hey ladies please do not date bad boys "Ok do not date criminals "Be a good judge of character "After 25 years of age "Meet a good man if u wanna marry "Learn martial arts thank you "Happy Valentines day " ...

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Happy happenstance

~~ ... I saw you ... ~~ I saw him In my dream ... ... ... It's... embarrassing and scandalous Yes it was ... The thing is, people I am a very young lady And he is a very old man ... I'm 18 and so It is legal but still ... This old man #45 A robot ... A machine ... Ok hunki li Next time you enter my dream, Ask for my permission ok ... I was in my bedroom Late at night And this creep Hunki li #45 How dare he ... ... ... Was it a nightmare? Well Not exactly ... So in my dream Hunki li appeared And he started to dance In front of me ... Robot dance it was It was... not bad ... To be honest I was entertained Hunki li robot dancing yes ... So I wonder Is hunki li a magician? Did he intend to appear in my dream? Did he indeed will himself into My brain, my mind, my heart, My dream, even into my bedroom? Oh my... ... What a creep. Hunki li You are so blocked I shuda done this So so long time ago ... Oh... ... But In all honesty I kinda enjoyed Seeing hunki li in my dream It was..... nic3.... //:-) ... ... ... " Happy Valentines day " Learn martial arts " Focus on education and career development thank You mighty proud of You Friends //!-D "

Saturday, February 10, 2024


~~ an interview ~~ Hunki li? ".." Is it true that You hide in a basement And secretly eat String cheese? "..." ... Are u hunki li taking 5th? Right to silence? "..." ... We think that U hunki li R getting fat heavy obese Pot belly hunki li M I ritualistically right hunki li? "..." ... So hunki li is a sinner He doesn't practice what he preaches He doesn't walk the talk ... How about a rebellion, folks? .. Who is with me on this?! ... ... ... I am a man And I want to usurp hunki crown Today ... I'll get all the hunki girls All to myself yes ... ... ... Hunki lis fat belly I'll cut them and sell them Hunki li Asian male baboon bacon ... Foer $1.00 ... Yeah he's asiatic so It'll taste like Ramen noodles Microwaved . . So.. Ok.. I'll lower the price ... $0.77 Per pound Hunki leg bones Hunki heart Hunki brain cells Hunki bone marrow Hunki blood Hunki body parts... Including... Shh... The funny parts... right? ... Ah ha, ah hah, ah hah ha hah ha ha //x-D ... " ... happy Valentines day ok no violence or criminal thinking ok ty b safe learn martial arts "

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

A story

~~ a story of a gorilla ~~ I'm a silver back gorilla A dominant adult male And I am in a zoo ... ... ... Humans come to this zoo To see me, watch me, observe me ... Sometimes They throw me peanuts, bananas Or some left over cold pizza pieces ... Do I eat them? ... I do ... ... .. Does it hurt my pride? It does ... ... .. One day My kind and generous A human zookeeper Gave me A cellphone With a wifi internet connection I was very very happy Grateful, thankful ... ... ... So I went ahead And created a bunch of Several social media websites' accounts And the rest is history- ... ... ... In one particular social media I met a man A human His name is ... You already know ... ... ... He is an alpha male like me He has no tail Two arms Two eyeballs Two othe balls Two ears Two legs Two arms Ten fingers Ten toes Two lungs One pancreas One liver One heart Just like me ... ... ... He lives alone in Alaska, of all places So I immediately connected to him He is so like me ... ... ... Hunki li and me We became good friends He confided in me ... He said he ran for senate He lost big time He didn't cry over it But he said he suffered from ptsd For a couple of weeks After the election loss ... ... .. And I told hunki li "Hey there they're there "You got me "You got a handful of friends "That's all you need, buddy" And hunki li looked at me And started to cry ... ... ... And he said to me "Thank you, friend" ... ... ... And he asked me "What can I do for you, friend? "Would you like to go back to Africa?" And I said "Well "How about some animal sanctuary "Here in America instead "Like, a bigger space " and more trees please "Like a safari style place "That would be nice" And he said "Oh no problem buddy "We can arrange that " And the rest is history- " //:-) "